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Team Monster selected a...I actually met these developers on a trip to Korea and couldn’t believe how cool their game trailer was. I’m a huge suck... DancingAnchovy will be ...DancingAnchovy will be attending G-Star 2012 gaming exhibition with a B2B booth (K12) in business hall. Now in its eight... Team Monster - симбиоз ...Корейская компания-разработчик Dancing Anchovy анонсировала игру под названием Team Monster.Team Monster - это action RP...
fun its simple!


Here at DancingAnchovy,

DancingAnchovy is a global game developer and publisher that got started when like-minded game designers and programmers decided to make games fun again. Games should be fun; it's not about showing off huge, complex systems that order players to work and toil. So various veterans and professionals in various fields from all over the world decided to do something about it.

We founded Dancing Anchovy. If something seems fun, we incorporate it into our game - and we're not shy about the materials. Toilet jokes, cheesy B-movie lines, idol group humor...you name it, we're poking at it. So what can you expect more from us in the future? Zombie pineapple bushido simulations? Clean, honest politician adventure games (a true fantasy, no doubt)? Dolphin sumo trading card games?

"Yup. Whatever makes you laugh and enjoy is constantly being discussed, tried out, and implemented here at DancingAnchovy." chop!

D.A Family!


We're a group of passionate and happy anchovies who work hard and play hard!
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  1. Jun. 2012Selected as a venture company.
  2. May 2012Established a corporate R&D center.
  3. Mar. 2012Capital increased to 1 million US dollars.
  4. Jan. 2012 Company moved into a new office (9th Floor IS Building,
                                         Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea).
  5. Aug. 2011Capital increased to 320,000 US dollars.
  6. Apr. 2011 Established DancingAnchovy Entertainment, INC.


Venture for Tomorrow Korea Technology
Finance Corporation
Korea Venture
Business Association
teammonster comicbook link
Team Monster™ is a next generation and revolutionary game where real-time action, role-playing and social network game elements are seamlessly fused in a never-before-seen method. You can build, grow and decorate your island, capture monsters, duke it out with players in real-time, or just enjoy the hilarious yet in-depth single game storyline - anywhere, anytime...and it's FREE!
Game Features:
- Team up with soft-outside-but-strong-inside monsters to fight against a tide of enemies.
- Explore islands to uncover ancient secrets and mysteries through quests.
- Collect and earn monster eggs then train them to be playable monsters after hatching them.
- Customize the look of avatar and monsters or enhance their abilities.
- Challenge other live players in PvP mode or endless waves of enemies then prove your skill in rank.
5 days a week, 9:30 am ~ 6:30 pm D.A's Picture01
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  1. Paid for meals at overtime/ weekend work
  2. Support for congratulations & condolences: birthdays, marriages, passing/ birth of family         members, ceremonial occasions, etc.
  3. Financial support: corporate loans
  4. Support for hobby clubs
  5. Incentive pay: pay for performance per every milestone
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14F, 678-39 Yeoksam-Dong, GangNam-Gu, Seoul, Korea 135-915
Phone : +82-2-6925-6606 Fax : +82-70-7500-1175

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